Latest project: I'm recently back from a year of sketching seabirds in New Zealand.

See National Geographic's
story about my project.

See my expedition journal.

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National Geographic Society

•  Sketches from Seabirdland (2018-present)
•  Stories from the Seabird Capital of the World (2017-2018)

Trinity University Press

•  Essay in Coming of Age at the End of Nature (2016)

Twitter Exclusive!

•  Meet the Bird Studiers (2016)
•  Of Eiders and Islands (2016)
•  Long Live the King of the Meadow (2016)

Living Bird Magazine

•  Capturing Migration (2016) – plus Facebook stats
•  Mercury Rising (2013) – plus Facebook stats
•  Bold and the Bashful (2012)

Cornell Lab of Ornithology

•  75 species profiles, e.g. Gray Jay (2012-15)
•  Wildlife-Trafficking Bust Highlights Problems (2012)
•  New Generation of Digital Ornithologists (2012)

Bowdoin College

•  Bowdoin Academic News author archive (2013-15)
•  Daily blog posts for Bowdoin Daily Sun (2013-15)
•  Features, alumni profiles for Bowdoin Magazine (2013-14)

Bangor Daily News

•  Nature in a Jewel Box (2014)

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

•  Don't Call It a Seagull! (2012)
•  Scope author archive (2011-12)

PLOS Blogs Network

•  On Paleontologists and Paper Dolls (2011)

Williams College

•  A Biogeographical Study of Herbaceous Plants
   in the Forests of Williamstown, MA (2006)