Current work:
I'm sketching seabirds and writing stories about seabird conservation in New Zealand, seabird capital of the world.

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Art collections

•  Store / Gallery / Blog / Adventures of Zee

Photo collections

•  Flickr / Instagram / Sample photo essay

Stories containing my art and photos

•  Seabird Stories (Nat Geo)
Meet the Bird Studiers (Storify)
•  Long Live the King of the Meadow (Storify)
•  Of Eiders and Islands (Twitter)
•  Fathoming the Science Behind PSP (Bowdoin)
•  Simulating the Senate (Bowdoin)
•  Artist in Residence (Bowdoin)
•  Wildlife-Trafficking Bust (Cornell)
•  New Generation of Digital Ornithologists (Cornell)
•  Don't Call It a Seagull! (MIT)