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Abby McBride is an itinerant sketch biologist and Fulbright-National Geographic Storytelling Fellow, exploring nature and science through art and stories.

Biography (learn more)
Armed with a biology degree from Williams College, Abby took the obvious career path and did some farming in Spain, became a nature illustrator in New York City, manned the helm of a lobster boat in downeast Maine, bird-blogged across the western United States, studied siblicidal boobies on an uninhabited Galápagos island, and worked as an ecology-researcher-piano-teacher-pastry-chef in western Massachusetts (in roughly that order). Next she went to MIT for a science writing degree, wrote for the Cornell Lab of Ornithology, did communications for Bowdoin College and the American Ornithological Society, and went bicycling across Eurasia.

Based in Maine, she's currently sketchbiologizing in New Zealand.